That was the question. We obviously decided to do it and here is the first introduction vlog. When I started my first business in Network Marketing working alongside Forever just 3.5 years ago I really was a shadow of the person i’ve now become. I had no idea what journey it would take me on. The journey has been fun, fulfilling, happy, electric, motivating, hard work, challenging, exhausting & everything you would expect a life changing decision making your life better by the day to be.

Lucky for me I get to work alongside my siblings. They run their own Forever business’ and are part of my team. We have the closest of relationships, were really not just siblings we are the best of friends. I had no idea that what we had was so incredibly special until people started telling me so. In fact, my whole family husband Shaun, Mum Michelle, Dad Kyle, Sister Nicola, Brother Kyle, Son William, Brother In Law Darryl, Nephews Wan & Josh have the most crazy, fun loving, electric vibe every time were together.


During our get togethers there is never ending laughter, business idea discussions, sometimes bickering (can’t lie were all strong personalities – its gonna happen), putting the world to rights chats the lot. We pick each other up, we thrive off each others energy and motivation and beyond that its full of unconditional LOVE.


I thought about vlogging because I get asked so much about what its like to work with family, how do I fit in running my two businesses (Forever & My Pro Planner www.myproplanner.co.uk) and be mummy, wife, sister, daughter, aunty etc… So I just thought, why not show it. Why not vlog what we get up to so that people can physically see what it is that we do day in day out. We have nothing to hide, we love what we do and were happy to help other people on a larger scale with business tips & advice.


So what is the point of it all? Well, we don’t actually no yet. The way I see it, it will be fantastic memories for William (he’s 3yrs old) to have for when he’s older and for us to look back on, its something to encourage me to always have more fun & it’s just something new to challenge yourself with and i’m always up for a challenge.


We have set up a website which is under construction www.thefamilyloves.com. We have lots of business ideas that were currently working on and as the vlog goes on you’ll get to see those too. We’re currently in the process of doing lots of research into the areas of business we’d like to expand into – things that we’ve always had a passion for. There are things in the pipeline which I’m excited about & can’t wait to share with you, its just too soon right now they’re only in the infant stages.


So, come on this journey with us: Follow us @thefamilyloves on Instagram & engage with us on a daily basis.

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Stay Inspired

Emma x