In life we cannot always get it right. The quicker you learn it and accept that the faster you can acknowledge the things you don’t get right, learn from it and move on.

With all the best intention and love in the world you cannot get everything right or please everyone around you. As nice as it would be to go through life just hoping and praying you get it right the first time, you don’t stand on peoples toes, you don’t get on anyones nerves, everyone likes and supports you but that is just not reality. There will be many times in your life when you make mistakes. This is life, there is no manual only reality.

I know that there have been times when I have cried and cried because i’ve tried my absolute best and it just didn’t feel like it was good enough. Where i’d put 1 million percent into a situation, relationship or decision and it’s turned around and bitten me on the butt. These things happen. I always think to myself “It is what it is”. You can only deal with where you are right now in the moment and move forward from that spot.

Anyone had a time when they really cannot for the life of them see how things can straighten out again? You can’t see how to get back on track? Things can go back to how they were? Yep, me too. But from one day to the next in life something changes, no matter how small that change something does. We’re a whole 24 hours older, we learn’t a valuable lesson or just a tiny one, we made a new friend, we had a new experience. Things change in life second by second never mind day by day.

It’s so important to acknowledge the small steps forward. No matter how insignificant they seem to you in comparison to the bigger picture. These small tasks completed or lessons learned create that bigger picture. Acknowledgement is key.


Start with the little things.

Start your day with a task completed. I recently listened to an amazing video. It explains this so well. Something as simple as making your bed can set you up for a better day. Yep, making your bed.

This is one of the best lessons in life in terms of understanding the importance of “The little things”. The message you’ve just watched is about starting the day right. Complete the small tasks because they lead to more tasks being completed.

There are a lot of sharks in the world…. Don’t back down. You have to keep going no matter what the challenge face it head on. Work out how to overcome it even if at first it seems you cannot win. There is never a shark so big or mean that it can bring you down if you just learn how to deal with it. Sometimes the shark is you. You are the one putting barriers in your own way. Learn how to overcome that, work on you, embrace self development and find a way. Step by step, small task by small task but never ever stop.

Do you know how many times i’ve come up against sharks to get where I wanted to go? ALOT… I’ve been spoken badly about, I’ve been trolled, i’ve been hurt by people close to me, I’ve had dips in business, I’ve had massive dips in mindset, I’ve had huge dips in self belief. These are the sharks. I still dip but I learn and more importantly I NEVER GIVE UP!

To be successful (whatever success is for you) you’re going to have to realise there will be sharks. This is life… But by taking the necessary steps on task by task you can build yourself up to deal with the sharks!


Love as always

Emma x