Hi all,

Here it is our 2nd EVER vlog… This week sees me book the wrong flights to scotland to train our #eaglesteam, forget to book the hotel too but luckily 8 hours in a car with your brother who is hilarious can have its upsides.

We are creating an instagram area and product packing area in our home for our business’ so you can see the start of that happening and a fun and lets say entertaining trip to Ikea to purchase the desk. Its so important to live in the moment, be like a child sometimes.. Don’t take yourself too seriously! I think you’ll agree that we absolutely don’t.

Don’t forget to tune in next week to see my sister Nicola’s story about how she has built the biggest selling doll brand in Harrods & how she faces some huge business decisions as well as our new favourite family game… The floor is lava!


Much Love

Emma x