So, this past week we’ve been doing our first proper vlog. It’s not as easy as I thought by a long stretch. Remembering to film things, considering how you can ride a horse and film at the same time was a challenge. ha ha… We’ve had so much fun though. The editing is down to my brother Kyle. My goodness how hard is it? I have a new found appreciation for any TV programme or film that I watch. Huge respect to them. It’s an art.

This week i’ve learned 3 lessons in life and business:

1.Having fun brings more fun and happiness your way.

Make sure that you’re living for now and you’re happy NOW, in the moment. Don’t live in the thinking of: “When I earn x amount then I’ll be happy”

“As soon as I change jobs then i’ll be happy”

If I just had X then i’ll be happy then”

This kind of self talk is not healthy. It stops you from being grateful for things right now. Everything, more importantly happiness will always be in the future. Don’t sign up for that class. Be happy now and you’ll attract more of the things that make you happy.

2. Don’t worry what other people think.

There will be times in your life when the people you surround yourself with will lift you up and other times when they will bring you down, or at least try to.

Make sure that you work so much on yourself these things simply bounce off you. It’s okay to look at it, acknowledge it but then simply move on leaving it behind. Find people who are happy for you, encourage you, inspire you & support you – no matter what. Keep those people close because there will always be challenges, some closer to home than you’d like. This is life. You will have to work through these times and challenges so make yourself the strongest version of you that you can be.

3. Enjoy the small moments.

All of us are guilty of not being grateful in the moment but when you think about it, no matter how hard life is there is always something to be grateful for. In my career as a police officer I came across people that were so challenged in life that sometimes I just couldn’t get them out of my head. The frustration for not being able to help them. When I sat with them and spoke to them they was always something they were grateful of. When they were sometimes faced with the most horrific challenges they’d say, ” Well it could be worse” Or ” I know there’s others worse off” and I would think how crazy that level of humility is in a time when you wouldn’t expect them to possess an ounce of it.

But enjoy the little moments. The past few days we’ve spent some time at our getaway.. Our caravan in west wales. By far the most memorable moment for me was William ( my son – 3 years old) as we sat playing on the beach just turn to me and say “Mummy I love you”. In that moment, as choked up as I was I could’ve been anywhere in the world with nothing but William for company and no possessions or wealth just hearing those three words and knowing we’re here & we’re healthy. That was all that was important. It really is the little things and when we become more grateful and acknowledge those amazing moments we most definitely attract more.


I hope you enjoy our first vlog and that you subscribe to our you tube channel for more of the same next week. We have some exciting projects ongoing and we’re excited to take you on the journey.


Love & Positive Vibes

Emma xx